2-3 Years

Our Pre Montessori (Toddlers) encourages development through fun, play and learning with the Aistear and Siolta curriculum.

In this room children learn to participate in activities for longer periods of time. It is a bright and colourful room where children can actively explore.
Children will be introduced to letter land, shapes, art and craft, colours and numbers. Children will also learn to share and care for each other.
Children can listen to stories, nursery rhymes, understand language, music and songs.

The service has a suitable range of toys and equipment that will enable children to develop their social, cognitive and physical skills.

Physical skills: will be achieved through small and large indoor and outdoor equipment.

Gross Motor skills: will be achieved through activities such as climbing, running, jumping etc.

Fine motor skills: are developed through the use of crayons, Brushes, Construction equipment, pegs and board games etc.

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