Eco Garden


Explore in our Eco Garden

See and identify a variety of plants
We can enhance a child’s knowledge of Science and Geography.
Our Nature guide will introduce children to the following

The Children’s grow project

Groups are given the chance to sow Flower seeds/bulbs on their school Tour
when ready these flowers are given to Pride of Place and Tidy Towns projects
This gives children an understanding and respect for the environment

Incredible Edibles

Groups get a chance to explore the Eco garden and grow tunnel at mellowes
Here they identify freshly grown Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs
Our guide also talks about the food pyramid and how to take good care of yourself
healthy eating is encouraged by letting children harvest and taste ripened crops
By doing this children get a chance to try new things and enjoy five a day fun

The Green Flag

School tours/Groups get a chance to explore ways to care for the environment
We show children ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Compost Making

Children see how we make our own organic compost
this gives an understanding of how we reduce, reuse and recycle


Very popular with children on their school tour or visit
This is a simple way to reuse our food waste
Children are shown how one of these can be set up at home

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Children are shown simple ways to reduce waste at home
They are shown ways of reusing something we are finished with
Simple things we can do to care for the environment are explained