Grow Project


The grow project at the children’s eco garden, is the idea of Steven Carthy, proprietor of Mellowes Adventure and Childcare.

It brings all the children together that visit the centre in one large community type initiative to benefit all. Children simply plant seeds on their visit; Mellowes take care of them and give them good homes.
A great introduction to nature for any child.

The idea of planting flowers to help children understand nature while producing a product that benefits all of us in our community, seems to be one that has caught on. Every one wins.

To date over 3,000 children have planted seeds at Mellowes

Now we need homes for these beautiful flowers, can you help our children to help the community.

Steven is calling on County Councils, Town Councils, Pride of Place and Tidy Towns committees to get in touch if they would like to receive flowers and become involved in this wonderful project.

Further information can be got on or on 046 9433921.

Below: Steven Carthy explains The Grow Project to former Minister Noel Dempsey

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