Mellowes Montessori


Mellowes Montessori is run by a qualified and experienced Montessori teacher.  The children work with specialised learning equipment which is graded in difficulty, self-correction and designed for success.

In the montessori classroom children work at their own pace and master basic skills at their own level of ability and therefore develop a love of learning.

Practical life: care of self and the environment.

Sensorial materials: interesting exercises for learning trough sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

Mathematics materials: step by step use of Rods, Beads, Spindles and Cubes that can be used to learn how to count.

Language Materials: developing a child’s skill through the use of Letters, Alphabet, Books, Story and Circle time.

Culture subjects: developing an understanding of Geography, History, Nature study, Science, Art and Music through materials and activities.

Creative Arts & Crafts: Learning through the use of a broad range of materials.

Music and Dance: an introduction to instruments and the various forms of dance.

Nature and Garden: A hands on approach to planting and caring for our own Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables in Mellowes Eco Garden.

Care of Pets: A hands on approach to learn about the care and responsibility needed to own and mind a pet.We bring our Montessori students to Mellowes Pet Corner to experience looking after and getting to know different animals.

Our Montessori graduation celebrates the successful end of the Montessori year for your child. All parents and families are invited to a special Montessori Graduation day where children are presented with a certificate to mark all their achievements and hard work during the year. This will be the time for parents to take that special photo.


Free Montessori Preschool Year / ECCE Scheme (Pre-school Early Childhood and Education Scheme)


Mellowes Childcare is a registered provider (with the Westmeath County Childcare Committee) of the Free Montessori Preschool Year for children.To check if your child qualifies for this Free Montessori Preschool Year you can contact Mellowes Childcare on 046 9433921 or You can also check the guidelines for the Free Montessori preschool Childcare at this link

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